Mikel Telleria creates works in diverse disciplines in relation with the poles of the doing and undoing of signification, which, like re-encoded bits of information, prompt reflection on the pair fiction/truth. His pieces fall somewhere in between the visible and invisible. He brings attention to the backgrounds, the subtleties within architecture, moments of friction between two people, and the deep noise within a seemingly static space.

His work has been shown in many international exhibitions including The Finnish Museum of Photography (Helsinki), MACO (Mexico), Dutch Kills Gallery (New York), PHotoEspaña (Madrid), Ch.ACO (Chile), A&C (Seoul) or ARCO (Madrid).

Selected Exhibitions
2017 Arte alternativo en el Madrid de los 90. CentroCentro, Madrid.
2014 Vasli Souza Gallery. Malmo (Sweden).
2014 ARCO. Madrid.
2014 Zona MACO. Mexico.
2013 FRAME!. Centro Cultural Okendo. Donostia.
2013 Zona MACO. Mexico.
2013 ARCO. Madrid.
2012 The Finnish Museum of Photography. Helsinki.
2012 The Other Side of Your Eyes. PHotoEspaña Off. Inés Barreneche Gallery, Madrid (Solo).
2012 Ground Floor Left Gallery, London.
2012 JustMad. Madrid.
2011 3+1 Arte Contemporanea, Lisboa.
2011 Ch.ACO 2011. Santiago de Chile.
2011 Kultur. Arteleku, Donostia.
2011 A PhotoBook Show. Brighton.
2010 Prácticas artísticas y precariedad. Curated by Cabello/Carceller. Off Limits, Madrid.
2010 des. GKo Gallery, Tolosa. (Solo)
2010 Spacejunk Gallery, Bayonne.
2009 A&C Art Fair. Seoul.
2009 Unsound Practice. Curated by Christine Kennedy. Dutch Kills Gallery, New York.
2009 Balmaceda Arte, Santiago de Chile.
2009 Arsenal Gallery, New York.
2009 Museo San Pedro. Puebla, México.
2009 HG International Award. Hun Gallery, New York.
2009 Espacio Mori, Santiago de Chile.
2009 The concept of Contemporary Art. Gallery Meepyung, Korea.
2009 Art:Raw Gallery, New York.
2008 Yasumina, Japan.
2008 Patern. Curated by Brion Nuda Rosch. Hallway Projects. San Francisco.
2007 Save Your Head. 90º, Donostia.
2005 Lagun. The San Sebastián International Film Festival. Donostia.
2005 International Short Films Awards, Australia.
2003 A/V installation. Kursaal, Donostia (with
Mikel Uribetxeberria).
Works / Projects
2015 ¿Por qué llegaron los tanques en agosto?
2015 Clicks 2015
2014 Pies de foto
2014 Transparencias
2014 Banco Español de Crédito
2014 Clicks 2014
2013 Paisatges
2013 Resistencia
2013 Clicks 2013
2012 Pliegues
2012 The Other Side of Your Eyes
2012 Clicks 2012
2011 Ausencia
2011 Clicks 2011
2010 666
2010 7 days
2010 des
2009-2000 Trabak
2008-2003 Proceso abierto
2008-1995 Memoria
2010 7 days. Self published book (edition of 7). View
2016 Choice (Album Cover).
2014 Nuestras guerras. Lengua de Trapo, Madrid.
2012 Our Wars: Short Fiction on Basque Conflicts. Center for Basque Studies, University of Nevada (Reno).
Selected Texts
2014 Los medios incomunicados. Peio H. Riaño. Esp
2014 Paisatges. Inés Barrenechea. Esp
2013 Resistencia. Inés Barrenechea. Esp
2012 The Other Side of Your Eyes. Julen Carreño. Eng / Esp
2012 Pliegues. Inés Barrenechea. Esp
2011 Munduari bira uretako motoan. Xabier Gantzarain. Eus
/ Eng / Esp
2010 Por un puñado de euros. Miguel Cereceda. Esp
2010 Des. Kamilo Rodríguez-Beltrán. Eus
2009 Unsound Practice. Christine Kennedy. Eng
Selected Reviews and Publications
2017 ARGIA, Donostia.
2016 AD Architectural Digest, Madrid.
2016 Miradas (eitb), Bilbao.
2014 El País, Madrid.
2014 El Confidencial, Madrid.
2013 Cultura Colectiva, México.
2012 El Correo, Bilbao.
2012 Diario de Sevilla, Andalucía.
2011 Artigo Jornal, Lisboa.
2010 FECAL FACE, San Francisco.
2010 Diario ABC, Madrid.
2010 El Diario Vasco, Gipuzkoa.
2009 Artslant, New York.
2009 K-MAG Magazine, Germany.
2009 Publ&MAG Magazine, Portugal.
2009 Mixtura, Moscow.
2008 ROJO Magazine, Sao Paulo/Barcelona/Milano.
2008 Noticias de Gipuzkoa, Gipuzkoa.
2008 MOLOKO+ Magazine, Russia.
2008 Grafikal Magazine, México.
2008 It´s Nice That, London.
2007 Husmee Magazine, Donostia-San Sebastián.
2014 ARCO, Madrid.
2014 Zona Maco, México.
2013 MACO, Mexico.
2013 ARCO, Madrid.
2012 The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki.
2012 PHotoEspaña 2012, Madrid.
2012 Just Mad, Madrid.
2011 Ch.ACO 2011, Chile.
2009 A&C ArtFair, Seoul.
2009 ArtM, México.
2009 Hun Gallery International Winners 09, New York.
2009 The Concept of Contemporary Art, Seoul.
2008 Marmite Prize, London.
2009 HG International Painting Award. Hun Gallery, New York.
2005 15x15 International Short Films Awards, Australia.
2003 Elektronikaldia Award. International Electronic Music Festival of San Sebastian.

Awarded Commissions
2003 Cannes Lion.
2003 Golden Award of Montreaux.
2002 The New York Festivals.
2002 El Sol. Festival Iberoamericano.
2001 Fiap, Argentina.
2001 Capples New York.